An Aerospace Technology Development Company

Ventions, LLC was founded in 2004 to commercialize  innovative technologies in the aerospace sector.  Staffed by a small group of highly motivated and entrepreneurial engineers, the Company specializes in the design, fabrication  and testing of aerospace hardware components using novel manufacturing techniques and cost-effective prototyping capabilities.

Ventions has seen strong growth since its inception, and is currently focused on development of small-scale launch vehicle components for government and commercial applications under various DARPA and NASA funded projects.  Specific technologies include: 


Small Scale Rocket Engines

Ventions’ micro-rocket systems utilize regeneratively-cooled,  liquid bipropellant motors  in the 100-5,000lbf thrust class, and are designed for use with a variety of propellants including LOX, RP-1, Hydrogen Peroxide and storables. 

Ventions has already completed multiple hot-fire demonstrations of such engines, and is currently  working to incorporate them into vehicle stages for nano-satellite launchers and other applications. 



Electric Motor and Turbine Driven Pumps

Ventions’ efforts in this area focus on developing high-speed, turbomachinery-based pumps in the small-scale (1-2" diameter rotors),  for on-board pressurization in space-based systems. 

Fabricated using a novel approach that allows for realization of complex aerodynamic shapes,  Ventions has already demonstrated the high-risk components of the technology, and is currently integrating it in high-performance launch vehicle stages.




Complementary to other launch vehicle components, Ventions has developed and flight tested high-performance avionics and flight computers capable of running vehicle auto-sequence, operating valves and motors for gimbal control, performing GNC and telemetry functions, and managing vehicle power.  

The technology is constantly being improved based on results of on-going flight tests, and is currently being optimized for use in DARPA funded launch vehicles.



High PMF Launch Vehicle Stages

Ventions has successfully integrated its engines, electric pumps, avionics and other launch vehicle components into sounding rockets that have been flight tested to demonstrate regeneratively-cooled, electric pump-fed, liquid bipropellant propulsion at the small-scale.  

Additional development to scale-up the stages for a 2-stage launch vehicle is currently underway as part of various DARPA and NASA funded programs. 


In Space Propulsion for CUbe and Small Satellites

Ventions is developing high-performance GOX-Methane and Peroxide based propulsion systems for 3U-6U cubesats as well as other small satellite systems, and is currently working with government and commercial customers to explore mission insertion opportunities for flight testing.


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